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Sensitive Estate Clearance During Mourning

October 31st, 2012 | Posted by TimD in estate clearance | Hoarding | Junk Removal

For some people, handling an estate clearance can feel like letting someone too close to something that is still raw and emotional. When you hire Remove My Junk, though, we only do specifically what you ask of us. You can set very particular guidelines that ensure your family remains comfortable without having to take the entire burden on yourself.

In certain cases, it is a good idea, with your loved ones, to go over the items in the home together and get a lay of the land while your emotions are still at their most exposed. As that feeling begins to fade, you can start to pull yourself together. While pulling yourself together and assessing the items in the home, a plan will likely start to form. That plan can be relayed in very specific terms to your Remove My Junk representative.

No matter what, our company likes to assure everyone gets exactly what they ask for. This means if you feel like you want help developing a strategy to deal with the New York estate clearance, we will provide that as well. In each case, there is a way to handle the necessary without disturbing your grieving and mourning process.

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